Assam Silk Saree

Assam silk saree

Indigenous famous Assam wild silk

There is an excellent variety of clothes available in the market today. Even if you wear jeans, a t-shirt or other western attire, the elegance and love for traditional sarees are forever. Assamese saree is one of India's most elegant and sophisticated handloom fabrics. 

It's not just about fabric; weaving is unique for the Assam silk. It was once royal patronage and the most striking feature of Assam's culture and tradition. The Ahom dynasty was very fond of this handloom craft. During Ahom's rule, Assam silk rose to its peak. It has been popular since the 8th century.

Variety of Silk

Assam silk has a wide variety that was generally reserved for the royal family. The silk fiber is derived by reeling yarn and later converted into silk thread. The Muga silk is a geographical indication of Assam and is known for its luster and durability. It increases its brightness with every wash. 

Another variety of Silk is Eri silk, which is vegan Silk produced without silkworms. It is woolly texture silk, making it perfect for both winter and summer seasons. This Silk is very durable, strong, soft-textured, and moisture-absorbent. Due to its versatile nature, Eri silk is preferred for the Assamese handloom industry. The third type of Silk is pat Silk which is a durable and glossy texture finish. The embroidered flora and fauna with rhinoceros motifs are unique and magnificent in Assam silk sarees. The embroidery is done with exquisite Resham.

Sericulture in Assam 

Sericulture and silk weaving are one of the ancient and prominent industries of Assam, which source raw materials like silk grass and cotton from the local forests and make in traditional strap loom made of bamboo. These traditional Assam silk saree are made with environmentally friendly methods and create a low carbon footprint. The dye used in the sarees is natural and sourced from indigenous plants and minerals. This timeless saree is a hidden gem that must be in every women's wardrobe. The vast silk culture of Assam has been hidden for many years. It continued to progress even before the independence.

When to wear an Assam silk saree?

Assam silk saree is one of the most expensive Silk and is highly praised by indigenous people. The Mekhla Chadar is an essential wedding trousseau in Assamese women's wardrobe. The cold hilly environment allows locals to make a fabric perfect for both kinds of weather. 

Since Assam silk has thermal and moisture-absorbent qualities, so it is perfect to adore any time of year. It can be the ideal drape for casual and formal wear. They can be worn in any meeting, conference, or seminar. 

The perfect glossy finish makes it adorable and lustrous for party wear items. If you are a pro-vegan and love Silk, the Eri Assam silk saree will fulfill all your desires.

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What is the Assam silk saree traditionally called?

The traditional Assamese silk dress is known as Mekhla Chadar and is made in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam.

Is it hand washable?

Yes, Assam silk is hand-washed, and each wash increase luster.

What is the price range of the Assam silk saree available?

Assam silk saree price starts from 2599 INR.