Kota Doria Sarees

Kota Doria

Love for saree is eternal

Every woman has a unique bond with sarees. They are kept for special occasions and events to flaunt their beauty with utmost grace and elegance. Usually, we have our mother's closet, where we have a saree we love the most. Every woman's wardrobe is filled with great beauty and a variety of attire. Yet we all love to flaunt our traditional sarees the most.

The Kota Doria cotton saree is one of the most loved treasures in the wardrobe and as it is an essential fabric of the Rajasthani handloom industry. The Kota Doria silk sarees have flourished by weavers of Mysore since the 17th century. The Weavers of the Kota region created authentic products in the market.

Variety of designs and patterns at Crafts Moda

Kota Doria sarees are known for their variety of prints and zari. They are mostly available in 3 styles: basic, printed, and zari work. They are made of versatile fabric which can be worn on any occasion, casual or dressy. They are known for their slightly rough cotton texture. They are made of plain gold thread. The block printing technique used to make Kota Doria sarees gives a cool and fresh look. Kota Doria sarees online work is known for its graceful and stylish appearance.

Kota Doria sarees are available in light pastel shades, yellow, green, pink, red, and orange, along with various motifs like mango, flora, fauna, checks, leaves, sweets, and many geometrical designs. This fabric is transparent and lightweight, with the perfect match for summer. 

Wearable fabric perfect for every occasion

Kota Doria sarees are perfect diva pieces for multiple occasions. The flowing fabric of the saree makes it manageable to wear in day-to-day life, even in your workspace. If you love neat styling to the party for a jaw-drop-dead gorgeous look, you can choose Kota Doria saree veg elegant accessories. It can create a styling statement look on special occasions or some regular days.

Easy draping material of Kota Doria cotton saree

The Kota Doria saree is a powerful, affordable item. China silk can easily attain a desirable texture, making it easier to drape, even cotton or silk. The delicate and elegant Kota Doria saree is advised to handle with care and go for mild hand wash or dry cleaning. Gentle care is vital to maintain fabric quality.

The essence of real India through handicrafts

The art of handloom was gradually declining, but now the youth is aware of handloom's importance and working towards an initiative where they can promote the hard work of an artisan. Kota Doria has become a new face of Indian fashion. The unique piece of yarn and raw material make the Kota Doria sarees unique and one of a kind. 

They can be worn on any occasion, from daily wear to formal to going for a light wedding function. Kota Doria sarees never fail to astonish you.

Best Kota Doria sarees collection at Crafts Moda

Your favorite Kota Doria sarees are available in your favorite hues and pattern in the Crafts Moda collection at reasonable prices. Here you will get multiple payment options with quick delivery. Pick any shade, design, or color to show everyone your royal, elegant, graceful aura.



Is it hand washable?

Yes, but mild handwash is better. Drycleaning is preferred for better care of handloom.

Do you sell original handloom sarees?

Yes, we have authentic sarees made by traditional weavers.