Chanderi Silk Sarees

Chanderi sarees

The aura of handloom chanderi sarees

Chanderi saree is a lightweight and royal fabric made in Central India and intertwined with zari cotton and silk. This lightweight and shimmery fabric of Chanderi is a timeless classic. 

The popularity of the Chanderi fabric rose to its peak during the Mughal Era and was patronized by the Sindhiya court of Gwalior. This elegant, sophisticated, and delicate fabric is derived from cotton from the forest of the surrounding area.

During art deterioration all over India, the Chanderi saree survived brilliantly. It was possible because of the dedication of artisans and the protection of the royal court of Gwalior. 

What makes chanderi fabric unique?

  • The fabric and material used to make the saree are uniquely created by the workers through the generations. 
  • The craftsman has mastered the art of embroidery designing in weaving cloth material. The worker uses unique prints in design to create a perfect pure chanderi saree.
  •  This particular type of saree made by Indian craftsmen is one of a kind. It is made of three different types of fabric: pure silk, pure cotton, and silk cotton. 
  • They use shades of zari to create a unique set of borders and motifs. The zari decides the cost of the saree. The more zari they use, the higher the price of the saree. 
  • The silk and cotton interlacing with vibrant and elegant colors is the trademark of Chanderi sarees.
  • In the Chanderi saree, Crafts Moda performs unique hand-block prints to provide their distinguished essence to the saree. 
  • The motif and patterns contain a coin, floral, and geometric in many more prints. 

Variety of silk

Chanderi cotton silk sarees are available in various vibrant, beautiful colors with design and elegant motifs. The silk of Chanderi sarees is of two types cotton silk and kora silk.

  • Cotton silk is a plain and lovely draped saree. It contains a dash of silk in the saree, which gives class and sophistication. It has been popular among celebrities for various Red carpet event movies and shows.
  • Kora silk is somewhere between saree, which offers a feather lightweight with the delicacy of silk. It is fine spun silk known to create magic in the saree. Most designers use this fabric for styling.

Style Chanderi sarees everywhere

Chanderi silk sarees are a perfect option to wear on any occasion, whether casual, formal, or festival party wear. The wide variety of Chanderi saree, from Chanderi cotton hand block saree to Chanderi silk saree, will fit any occasion you want. 

Workwear chanderi sarees are comfortable drapes for conferences, meetings, and office events. The light-colored pastel hues of the chanderi saree make them a good choice for daytime wearings with minimal accessories and a modern blouse. You can have minimal makeup with little eyeshadow and lipstick. If you wish to wear a Chanderi saree for a memorable wedding or party occasion, you can wear a heavy saree with a stylish blouse and heavy makeup for a glamorous and luxurious look.

Why is the Crafts Moda collection unique?

Crafts Moda collection offers unique designs of Chanderi sarees online, which will rule your heart. We have been providing a collection that understands the customer and their unique taste in traditional hand-block printed handloom. We are evolving and connecting to the art of Chanderi sarees.

This timeless classic pure Chanderi silk saree at a reasonable rate fits your budget with elegance.



Do you sell authentic Chanderi sarees?

We have authentic handloom saree made from pure Chanderi cotton and chanderi silk cotton.

What is the price range available for Chanderi sarees?

Our authentic Chanderi sarees are available from 2500 INR according to designs and patterns.