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Maheshwari Silk Sarees

Maheshwari sarees

Preserved handloom by Holkar Queen

A stunning and comfortable Maheshwari saree originated from Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh, it has been home to this finest handloom. The handloom had been adored and flourished by the Great Queen Ahilyabai Holkar to provide wellness for their people. Maheshwari cotton sarees were famous in the 18th century and are still awestruck by women all around the globe. This Make in India handloom is comfortable for every occasion.

Traditional Maheshwari sarees are available in Maheshwari cotton saree and Maheshwari silk saree. Both fabrics are made by the artisans of the Maheshwari region and embellished with delicate craft and work. The sarees are handpicked from Maheshwar, and Craft Moda performs unique hand-block prints to beautify the saree.

Why should you have a Maheswari saree?

Here are some reasons why this beautiful pure Maheshwari saree is a must-have in your wardrobe.

  • Maheshwari saree is highly comfortable. 
  • You can even wear them in the office or at home without hassle. 
  • They are manageable. The blend of silk and cotton makes the draping and keeping easy.
  • You can pull off the classic or fusion style in Maheshwari sarees, which make you shine in any event.
  • This stylish fabric is perfect to wear on any festive occasion, daytime event, wedding, or even at work.
  • The beautiful Handblock prints of Maheswari sarees from Crafts Moda are made with organic dyes that are safe to wear.

Traditional and royal designs available at Crafts Moda

Crafts Moda has a variety of collections that can nail your ethnic handloom Maheshwari saree look. Here is a 100% authentic handloom with refreshing colors and various hand-block designs that give you a traditional and royal look.

We have a check pattern with a delicate zari border, giving you a classy and modern look on any occasion—a foil print with an all-over golden design to give chic vibes. Zari butta is the minimalistic pattern where little butties are covered in Zari, which is a wholesome pick. The geometric, floral patterns and zigzag prints made from hand block printing are some never-off patterns. The vibrant hand-block print over the plane base is perfect for a minimalistic look.

The interwoven silk and cotton thread is embellished with a variety of zari threadwork to give a party saree feeling. The distinctive border is reversible and can be draped from both sides. The white type of zari, fabric, color, and designs make every handloom Maheshwari saree unique and beautiful.

Why is the Craft Moda collection unique?

At Crafts Moda, the collection is designed according to the upcoming occasion and event. The Maheshwari saree price of our collection is affordable. You can rest assured of getting a pure Maheshwari silk saree. We make sure that our handloom is 100% pure and authentic. Our hand-block printed saree with zari border Maheshwari sarees are distinctive and beautiful.

Apart from purity, we have a unique variety of Maheshwari cotton sarees in various designs and patterns. We provide express delivery options for gifting your loved ones on special occasions, and you can also give yourself a bit of Indian heritage.


Can I wear them to a party?

Maheshwari sarees are perfect for everything from work to parties. The foil print Maheshwari is good to go for the party.

What is the price range of the Maheshwari saree?

The authentic handloom range starts from 2500 INR to 5000 INR. The price range depends on the work and pattern.

How to style Maheshwari saree?

Since it has a zari border, it is perfect for accessorizing with any gold ornament. You can wear any modern blouse with a handloom clutch for a complete look.