“Make your way through the crowd feeling confident in the timeless elegance of handblock Sarees for women.

The perfect fashionable attire that goes well for all occasions and festive seasons has gained appreciation worldwide. Various saree draping styles have also been discovered to keep up with the changing times, which means you can wear a single outfit in multiple ways.

Our saree collection has unmatched colour shades, hues, and vibrance. Complete your
wardrobe with a peacock or an elephant-printed saree with green or baby pink background from
our new saree collection. At Crafts Moda, we design our saree collection to ensure that every
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sarees made from different fabrics like maheshwari, assam silk, kota doria, chanderi etc.You must choose what kind of charm works best for you.

How do I drape a Saree?

Today, innumerable draping styles are available for sarees. Choose a saree to your liking and learn about the various saree draping styles. At Crafts Moda, you can choose from various sarees in our new handblock printed saree collection. Some of the ways in which you may drape a saree include:

Neck Drape Style

The neck drape style is quite popular currently, especially due to the winter season. This style involves a long pallu around your neck wrapped like a scarf. When draping the saree, let a long pallu stay loose. It is a basic saree draping style.

Dhoti Style

A unique draping style, you can wear your saree over leggings or jeans. It is a conventional style that has similarities to the pant style of saree draping. This style is best suited for wedding function events. Buy printed sarees online from Crafts Moda and enjoy draping them in distinct styles.

Gown style

Level up your look with the gown draping saree style and enjoy the pleasure of attention diverted towards the gorgeous you. Shift from traditional saree draping to modern gown-style saree draping. Combine it with a vibrant colour blouse and match accessories that account for a charming personality.

Butterfly style

The butterfly style is a modern type of saree draping style. It is quite simple to wear. The
butterfly style gives you a slimmer profile due to its draping style. The wearer has to make extra thin pleats of your pallu and secure it with a pin on the shoulder.

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Q1. Where do I wear a Saree?

A1. Sarees have been a part of our Indian culture. These apparel can be worn to any wedding events, parties, casual get-togethers, casual office meetings, seminars and even for routine functions. Sarees are comfortable and captivating. At Crafts Moda, you can pick out among the best sarees online.

Q2. What makes Sarees so Unique and Charming?
A2. Sarees are known for their charming styles, captivating colours, patterns and comfort. Buy the latest sarees online suited for all occasions. They are size inclusive and can be worn by any age group. Their main function lies in their unique blend of designs and appealing draping styles. Silver accessories go beautifully well over a well-draped saree.

At Crafts Moda, we offer the latest and best collection of pure authentic handblock printed sarees. These pieces are individually picked from a large variety to ensure that the needs of every customer get served. You can find these saree pieces at well-discounted prices in our collection.