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5 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Own a Pure Chanderi Silk Saree

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The Chanderi saree has always been a symbol of elegance. The Chanderi saree is a must-have for every woman's wardrobe. It is one of those sarees related to traditional gifting culture, especially in Central India from the mother to her daughter. Silk Chanderi sarees are known for their rich history and transformation treasured as a textile heritage of India.

Origin and evolution of Chanderi sarees

Chanderi sarees found their origin in the town of Madhya Pradesh Chanderi. They are dated to origin from the Vedic period and their early mentions are found in 7th century writing in the manuscript of Chinese traveller Hieun Tsang. The fine handspun cotton of Chanderi is known for its exceptional finishing and framed muslin cloth. It is not just a saree but a fabric loved by the royal families and has a closer association with the luxury and status of royal families. The Scindhia family still patronise the Chanderi saree

The location of the city played an important role in flourishing this fabric. Chanderi is situated on the trading route of travellers going from north to south or west and vice versa. This makes it easier to flourish and market this saree. The craftsman wasn’t required to travel to far countries to sell as the traders in this route gave a good price for this ethereal material.

Mughal period: Golden era

Chanderi saree

During the Mughal period, the Chanderi saree was at its peak, especially during the Akbar reign. The Mughal royal world is in love with delicate Chanderi weaving and their intricate designs and sheer opulence. The fine fabric was so legendary that some people claim, it can drape an entire elephant. The high demand of the royal court for Chanderi fabric in saree dedicated a workshop specifically for weaving in the town.

Decline and soaring in the 17 to 20 century

When the Mughal Empire fell the Chanderi weaving craft saw their downfall in the craft. But in the 1910s the royal Scindia court and family held the patronage for this declining art. During the period with the help of the royal family, art emerged as the lion in the handicraft industry. The golden side motif was added to give the royal-enhanced touch to the sarees.

In the late 19th century the shift in hand-weaving art to mill weaving started. The mill weaving replaces traditional handspun cotton in silk which makes the process even more easier and efficient.

Traditionally Chanderi saree was made just from locally sourced forest cotton which is the speciality of the reason but later in 1930, Japanese influence introduced silk Chanderi saree. This was the foundation for expanding the variety and fabric appeal of silk sarees.


Later in the 20th century, the textile industry showed a revolution which led to the foundation of Chanderi sarees in printed and traditional weaving patterns. Although the sheerness of this fabric was known for its limitations; it is now embraced by modern designers to give this light and airy drape the perfect combination for warmer climates. The fabric is not limited just for sarees. Still, it is now creating various garments from kurta shirts to the wide fashionable preferences which is important to preserve the traditional craft and support the Chanderi weavers for this exquisite art for the generation to come. Now you can also purchase Chanderi silk sarees online.

Five reasons why every woman should own a pure Chanderi silk saree

The Chanderi silk saree is one of the must-haves for women and it holds timeless classic drapes with elegance and royal craftsmanship.

Lightweight luxury:

Chanderi saree is crafted with pure silk and they are renowned for their delicate airy feel weave, unlike other heavy silk sarees. The Chanderi saree is known to drive gracefully allowing skin to breathe comfortably, especially in hot and humid summer occasions or even any weather for warmer climates all year around. This Yellow coloured hand-block-printed Chanderi silk saree is perfect to have in harsh summer weather when you love to wear bright and airy fabrics. It is a perfect blend of lightweight and luxury saree material which will be perfect to adorn on any occasion from a get-together to a fancy party.

Filled with creativity:

Chanderi saree has seen a stunning array of colour patterns and designs over the years. From the simple plain weave with zari border to intricate motif there is a Chanderi saree for every taste. The variety is not limited in pattern design or colour but the weaving technique also holds you need varieties from weft brocade patterns to weft thread to allow versatility in the saree along with the personality reflection from minimalist take to elaborate aesthetic. For a creative and distinguished look, this blue-coloured hand-block printed Chanderi saree is filled with flower motifs. The flower design gives a refreshing new look to the Chanderi saree.

Timeless tradition

Chanderi sarees are not just a simple drape but a heritage craftsmanship growing with the changing times and still in acting their age-old art form is fabulous. The intricate design to meticulous craftsmanship have passed down everything through the generations to keep the skill and artistry alive in Indian weavers. Chanderi saree is an emotion that will always be held in your wardrobe like a Queen. This beautiful red-coloured hand-block printed Chanderi silk saree with intricate motifs and minor detailing of black colour makes it a perfect wear for any occasion.

Durability with delicacy:

Chanderi saree looks white and delicate in appearanc

Although the Chanderi saree looks white and delicate in appearance, with proper care they are durable. Gentle hand washing is important to treasure the Chanderi saree heirloom. Unlike the fast fashion material, the Chanderi saree can stay beautiful, and elegant and retain its value if maintained properly. We might have seen this beautiful saree more than 2 or 3 decades old in your mother or grandmother's wardrobe. The Chanderi saree is meant to give a cooling look and effect. This yellow border white hand-block printed Chanderi silk saree gives the perfect example of spring freshness to your wardrobe. This beautiful saree will enrich the wardrobe and if you keep it properly this delicate yet durable fabric will last for generations.

A heirloom to generation:

A pure Chanderi silk saree is not just an outfit but an investment piece to timeless beauty quality material and skilled craftsmen shapes. These valuable qualities make the Chanderi saree a valuable position that can be passed down through the generation as a family and loom which carries the tradition and elegance as a legacy. For the generation to hold the beautiful in timeless classics. This black and cream colour Chanderi saree with the yellow border will never lose its royal touch for ear.

Whether you are seeking to have a statement piece for a luxurious edition in your wardrobe or everyday wear, the Chanderi saree is a unique combination that will provide you comfort, style, tradition and heritage. The versatile garment is the symbol of the rich textile tradition of India. With its unique artistry and technique, this famous Chanderi saree has gained important space in every woman's wardrobe.

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