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5 Iconic Traditional Wedding Silk Sarees Every Bride Should Consider for Her Big Day

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The wedding day is special and different for every bride. They always dream of wearing the perfect dreamy dress for the special day. The Indian bride for the traditional marriage chooses to wear a dress that resembles and reflects their cultural importance and upbringing to them. Whether they choose a lehenga or traditional saree, even the small intricate patterns are decided according to her personality, life and little parts of herself. Most regions generally choose to wear a traditional and locally available silk saree.

Why should a bride choose to wear a silk saree on their wedding day?

Brides of India come in different colour shapes, ethnicity and most importantly have different expectations on their special day. But with this vast variety of silk available in India they choose to wear a silk saree on the wedding day. The saree is not just a draping piece but a symbol of symbolism, practical elegance and weaving of tradition. The stunning garment of silk has special importance in Indian weddings. Some places serve it as a tradition to give the special silk saree to the bride either by mother or mother-in-law. Here are some reasons for brides to choose to wear a silk saree on their wedding day.

Legacy of tradition

Legacy of tradition

Silk saree has been an important part of Indian weddings for centuries. It will be able to connect the bride with their rich cultural heritage, especially on their wedding day. The walking down memory lane by the woman in a family who came before her and to another tradition by continuing this small thing will help her to embark on a new journey of life beautifully. It is like a career of blessing stories and hope for a good and prosperous future by the generations passed down.

Symbolism of prosperity and auspicious beginning

Silk is a luxurious fabric usually owned by royal or noble women only. The fabric is made by hard labour and months of work on a single piece by an artist to puts the best effort into it. When a bride adorns herself in silk it would give a symbolism of not just material wealth but symbolic representation and blessing of success, good luck, prosperity, happiness and hard work for the future. The richness of the fabric is like a blessing to the couple for a prosperous and happy union. It is like wishing the girl to have a noble and royal life.

Canvas for elegance

When a bride chooses to wear a silk saree it would help to control the body to create a graceful silhouette to make her look flattering. The rich lustre scene of the silk will provide timeless elegance that never goes out of style. When you see a silk saree you will know that it never goes out of time. Unlike other fleeting trends, they will ensure to give a radiant and elegant look for years to come.

Silk saree style for every bride

Silk saree style for every bride

When it comes to silk sarees they have endless variety. From the intricate weaning of Kanjeevaram to the minimalistic Kasavu saree with a gold border, it reflects every bride's taste and personality. The colours of silk saree are incredible and never lose their lustrous like the Chanderi Muga and Banarasi saree.

Comfort for long day celebration in a warm climate

Indian weddings are an extravaganza of many rituals. A whole day of different rituals and long wedding ceremonies requires practical clothing, especially in the warm climate of India. Silk is a natural fibre that allows easy breathing. Unlike synthetic fabrics that trap heat inside and cause discomfort, silk fabric makes a bride comfortable during the long day festival to keep her cool, composed and less tired.

Regional identity

Every state and region of India has their own unique silk saree or local weaving technique with differentiated motifs. When a bride wears a silk saree it allows her to connect with a natural heritage and culture to make it even more part of her. Even a state like Madhya Pradesh has special Chanderi silk sarees and Maheshwari silk sarees that are part of their bridal trousseau. Banarasi silk saree holds a special place for central and east Indian brides as their pride. Assamese brides prefer to get married in an Assamese silk saree with a red border. Rajasthani women take pride in their Kota Doria silk sarees.

5 Iconic silk saree for the bride to consider on her big day

Brides in sarees are a unique part of Indian brides wearing trousseau. But choosing a specific silk saree as her outfit for the big day is a tough task. Here are some awesome iconic silk sarees that a bride can choose for her big day.

1. Banarasi saree

Banarasi sarees are known for their iconic style and royal tradition. The intricate weaving style of weavers in Banaras that is passed down to the generation is beautiful. The harmonious style of weavers and sellers is well known in Banaras which is now a part of culture. Every bride around Banaras must have a banarasi saree in the wedding trousseau or wear it at the function, especially the brides of the 90s time.

2. Assamese silk saree

Assamese women choose to wear traditional Mekhela Chador which is a two-piece clothing. The colour is usually white with red borders. But now the brides are going to choose from a variety of Assamese silk like Muga Silk and Eri silk that look equally stunning. This beautiful red-coloured Crafts Moda Exclusive Block Printed Assam Silk Saree is one of its kind to consider for a minimalist wedding idea.

3. Chanderi silk saree

Chanderi saree is the symbol of royalty and noble work that has been the choice of Mughals and Scindhias who love to adorn them, especially on special occasions. The ethereal chanderi saree has qualified to be part of the bride's choice to adorn on her special day. This red-coloured Block Printed Chanderi Silk Saree will be an elegant choice for the day.

4. Maheswari Silk sarees

Maheshwari silk saree can be a part of brides' wedding options. She can wear it for the mean event or events like the reception of the pre-wedding ceremony to give a lighter feel during the heavy function. She can also keep it for a wardrobe change in the versatile styling of the bride. This Hand Block Printed Maheshwari Silk Saree stunning zari border and luxurious weave can be a perfect option for a reception outfit.

5. Kanjeevaram silk sarees

Kanjeevaram sarees are renowned for their rich history, intricate weaving techniques, and timeless elegance. They are woven from pure mulberry silk and embellished with zari work in gold and silver threads. Kanjeevaram sarees are known for their exceptional durability and can be passed down as heirlooms for generations.

The wedding day is all about the bride and her choices. Whatever the bride dreams of for her wedding should be considered. But making an evergreen choice instead of any one time is a wise choice especially when you look at your photos back you will look evergreen and stylish like ever.

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