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5 Must-Have Assamese Handloom Sarees for Every Wardrobe

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Assamese handloom sarees are renowned for their rich weaving tradition. Each rich weaving tells about the cultural heritage and exquisite craftsmanship which is a perfect blend of unique texture, distinctive technique and most importantly vibrant colour.

Types of Assamese weaves and handloom saree

When it comes to Assamese sarees there are a variety available from silk to cotton weave which gives it impeccable designs. Here are different types of Assamese handloom sarees that you should know about.

Muga silk saree

The queen of the Assamese weaving industry is Muga silk known for their natural golden lustre which is cultivated from cocoons. The unique shimmering quality and rare laborious extraction gave the fruitful result. The Muga silk is known to gain more lustre after every wash. It is perfect for formal and daily occasions with an aura of timeless elegance.

Eri silk sarees

The cocoon of the Ricinus moth is very silk to give a soft, cushiony, texture and a warm glow to the fabric. Unlike Muga it is slightly of white or cream colour which makes it perfect for formal and office attire. They are breakable and warm and perfect for colder climates.

Endi cotton saree

It is a golden yellow silk which is derived from a castor plant for a unique and sustainable textile industry. They have vibrant colours and lightweight drapes perfect for summer wear. The dying colours used are from sunshine yellow to deep rusty colour.

Gamosa saree

It is a traditional Assamese clothes with a red border and white body used for draping for men. It is a popular unique and versatile fashion statement for casual wear to give Assamese Heritage in your wardrobe.

Mekhela Chador

Mekhela Chador is a traditional two-piece & for women which has a cylindrical skirt and a scarf. It is made from Muga silk or cotton with a variety of weaves and fabrics.

Why does an Assamese handloom saree deserve a special place in your wardrobe?

Assamese handloom saree

Assamese handlooms have a special place in Indian weaving in the textile industry. They are one of those fine craftsmen who survived ages to flourish in this textile industry. Here's why an Assamese handloom saree deserves a special place in your collection, transcending the realm of mere clothing:

1. A Tapestry of Exquisite Craftsmanship:

Assam handloom tradition is filled with distinctive weaves boasting its character. Muga silk is the crown jewel with an unparalleled golden sheen. Eri silk offers a luxurious soft embrace and end cotton is sustainable in vibrant textile perfect for breathable summer. The ethereal textile weaving technique colour ensures that you will find a saree that speaks to your taste in the Assamese handloom industry. The true magic of this industry lies in the meticulous handloom process. The handloom industry of Assam defies the machine-made textile to fill the artistic creativity of each weaver with every thread dedicated to cultural heritage. It is not about a garment but a piece of tradition living through them.

2. A Canvas for All Seasons and Styles:

The beauty of Assamese handlooms is that they are versatile and made for every season and style. Endi cotton is perfect for summer dreams to provide perfect cooling on summer days while Eri silk is warm clothing perfect for cold days. Silk cotton sarees with the blend of Muga silk and cotton offer all years round elegance and comfort whether you are looking for a statement piece for a special occasion or a comfortable stylish outfit for everyday wear you will have everything in an Assamese handloom saree.

3. An Ethical and Sustainable Statement:

In the modern world where consumerism is at its highest peak, Assamese handloom sarees are an ethical and sustainable choice. Most Assamese clothing is required to weave natural fibre dyes to minimise any environmental impact. Choosing the handloom will show that you are supporting the local and skilled artist. It also helps to keep the age-old tradition alive and it is a good purchase to keep yourself a culturally and fashion-conscious choice.

4. A Wearable Legacy:

Assamese handloom saree has a cultural connection which tells the stories through intricate motifs and patterns woven into the fabric. The deep symbolic meaning through flora, fauna and other stories passed down through the generations in your drape will show the artistry of storytelling through the piece of rich Assamese textile heritage.

5. An Heirloom for Generations to Come:

Handloom sarees, particularly those crafted from silk, are known for their exceptional durability when cared for properly. The quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensure these textiles can become treasured heirlooms. Imagine passing down a stunning Muga silk saree, imbued with history and cultural significance, to future generations. It becomes a tangible link to the past, a beautiful reminder of the artistic legacy Assam has woven into the world.

5 Must-Have Assamese Handloom Sarees for Every Wardrobe

5 Must-Have Assamese Handloom Sarees

 Like the traditional Banarasi, Chanderi, phulkari and other types of saree, Assamese handloom sarees also hold a special place in the wardrobe. Here are 5 must-have Assamese handloom sarees for every wardrobe.

Navy Blue and white multishade Block Printed Pure Assam Silk Saree


navy blue printed multi-shade saree


The navy blue printed multi-shade saree is a must-have for casual or informal occasions especially in summer to give the fresh out of breezy look. Drape it around at the office party of ethnic day to shine like an expert of the local handloom of India.

Coffee Brown Tie and Dye Assam Silk Saree

Coffee Brown Tie and Dye Assam Silk Saree

The tie and dye Assam silk saree is made with a coffee brown colour and white shade giving the square motive and dark colour border which is perfect for office wear or any casual function. It is more of an everyday wear which will give a more delicate and beautiful look.

Crafts Moda Exclusive Black and Red Block Printed Assam Silk Saree

black-coloured Crafts Moda exclusive Assam silk saree

The black-coloured Crafts Moda exclusive Assam silk saree with an intricate red colour motif designed in the border and pallu defines the saree even more. The motive inside the saree is a branched flower which gives a perfect and more defined look.

Green and Black Hand Block Printed Pure Assam Silk Saree

Green and black hand-block printed pure Assam silk saree

Green and black hand-block printed pure Assam silk saree is perfect to adorn for special occasions like a get-together party or a day-themed business space. It will look ethereal with deep and thick motifs.

Yellow and Blue Tie and Dye Pure Assam Silk Saree

yellow and Blue tie and dye Assamese silk saree

This yellow and Blue tie and dye Assamese silk saree is vibrant in colour texture to give a fresh spring or autumn look. It is perfect for a casual occasion or in-office party to give Sunshine vibes.

In essence, an Assamese handloom saree is more than just fabric; it's a confluence of art, comfort, cultural pride, and responsible consumption. It's an investment in timeless beauty, a conversation starter, and a chance to connect with a vibrant artistic heritage.

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