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Draped in Glamour: How to Nail Your Cocktail Party Look with Sarees

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A cocktail party is all about turning your style in the best way possible. When you want to stand out in a cocktail party, a saree is one of the best options. Whether you idolize Deepika Padukone from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani or like the desi girl Priyanka Chopra for the perfect cocktail party saree choice you need to pay extra attention to the detailing on small elements to nail the cocktail party look with a saree like silk Chanderi saree.

How to nail your cocktail party look with a saree?

Sarees are stunning and elegant choices, especially for a cocktail party that will give you a unique and good look for a cocktail dress. Here are some tips that you could use to make a perfect saree look for a cocktail party.

Pay attention  to the fabric

It's not just about the traditional choices of saree but you need to move beyond the traditional saree. Chiffon saree, Georgette sarees are perfect and beautiful to drape like an actress but you should consider moving beyond traditional choices. The fabric like lighter silk organza or tissue and even raw silk looks more ethereal.

Hand Block Printed Linen Saree

A cotton saree can also do wonders. One of the most important things is to consider a contrasting embellished border and a modern touch of glamour that is perfect for a cocktail saree. Sequin sarees are also perfect with the same blouse and the border of shimmering threads.

Colour and design are important

Hand Painted Organza Saree With Blouse

Cocktail parties are the perfect occasion to adopt a bolder colour or statement print to move your game a level up. You can go for geometric block print or colour blocking with contrasting colours to give a contemporary twist. It means that you always have to choose a plain simple or something more formal for the party.

You can also go for floral Crafts Moda's Hand Painted Organza Saree With Blouse print instead of traditional or choose the metallics as a great and safe option for a cocktail party.

Organza Saree With Blouse

Take a bold step and experiment with your style but if taking bold steps isn't your thing then you can go for the classic black Exclusive Hand Block Printed Kota Doria Saree or metallic saree with intricate zari border for timeless sophistication.

Cocktail saree draping

Dripping a saree doesn't mean that you have to drape it traditionally. You can judge the traditional drape and adopt a more contemporary style to flatter your figure. Experiment with science was draping style to show your high-waisted look and elongate legs.

You can also opt for the trending and unique draping style like butterfly draping or you can always go to a professional who can give you a flawless and unique look. But if that is not your option then you can go for an online tutorial to get more inspiration.

The blouse is a key element

If you're looking for something that can elevate your look then you should work on your blouse. Go for more experimental trendy looks like off-shoulder blouses, halter necks or other dramatic styling options. You can also go for intricate design buttons, a deep V-neck to get a real head-turning look. You can also experiment with fabric and embellishment and fabric.

The sequin blouse and a plain saree are the perfect touch of sparkle in the festive season. Go for the embroidered blouse with complimentary colour or contrasting texture for an elevated high look. You can even push boundaries with bold colours or unexpected fabrics like leather.

Keep experimenting with mixing and matching the fabric texture. For example, a plain georgette saree and brocade blouse will give a dimension to your look. It dependends on you whether you want a contemporary vibe, classic chic or a sophisticated lady like you can explode endless options like Pure Silk Kota Block Print Saree.

Pure Silk Kota Block Print Saree.

You can even add a jacket instead of some traditional blouse to splurge on a better look.

Accessorizing is must

Even if you drape this saree, it is the most beautiful and finished way to add accessories like a jewellery clutch purse or hair accessories so that it would complete your stunning look.

For a cocktail party, the jewellery should be minimal and elegant without being overwhelming because you will be working more on a saree and blouse. If you are going for a delicate pendant with statement earrings to give a sparkling touch or a cocktail ring to spark the glamour.

You need to choose jewellery that will compliment your look instead of overshadowing the saree. More attention should be given to the saree instead of jewellery. 

Clutch or purse and shoes


A small clutch or sling bag will compliment the elegance of the saree. You can choose a similar colour clutch with the embellishment of the saree to match the vibe of the overall look.

Using an oversized bag is a big big no. It can disrupt the whole look. As for the shoes, always choose a high heel to long it the length of your legs with the touch of formal attire in the cocktail party. Pumps or stilettos are the most classic option but you can also go for an embellished platform heel or sandal to add a personality and vibe to it.

Makeup and hair

The most important thing to highlight the whole appearance of your saree is your hair and makeup which will define your purpose and occasion properly. You should always choose the hair that will showcase your glamorous look. The updo or wavy open hair will be perfect to showcase your neckline or glamorous earrings. You should always make sure that the hairs are neat with minimal flyaways.

These are not the limited options but you can also go for a ponytail or statement braid with a contemporary saree look plus they will also define your neckline. Not only hair but makeup is an important element because cocktail parties are all about bold dramatic makeup. One thing is that you must remember whether it is bold eye makeup or bold lips.

The choice is yours but never go for both. The rest of the makeup should be flawless, glowing and minimal. It will create a balanced and striking look instead of making everything bold and bad. The attention will be centred on the bold elementary you choose.

Lastly, the most important element of any lock to nail is to accessorise the look with confidence. When you enter the party you should walk head held high like you are owning the whole look.

Sarees are beautiful ways to express your style if you only wear it confidently. For an everlasting impression, believe in yourself and be confident about your look. Whatever you choose you will look gorgeous with a smile and confidence

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