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Crafts Moda Hand Block Printing Process!

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CraftsModa hand block printing process

India is a country that defines unity in diversity with a mixture of languages, regions, culture, people, traditions, customs, and so many things. When it comes to fabric printing, a method of putting on colors in different patterns and textures gives a beautiful appearance to the fabric. Printed fabrics are color bonded with the fibre which helps to resist fading of color while washing or rubbing. During printing, wooden blocks, stencils, engraved plates, or rollers are used for printing on fabrics. Coming out from these, entire one thing that really attracts people is hand block printing.

There is a vast variety of hand block prints coming from ages in the fabric and textile industries. These are appreciated from all across the world and within the country as well. The handicraft sector in our country is one important thing everybody talks about.

Each print has its own techniques and methods that help to enrich embellishment t the fabrics. When worn Hand block prints saree and Kurtis it gives a distinct style. Initially, hand block prints were not developed but gradually it took significant growth in this area. Unexpectedly, the handicraft industry is blooming as it undergone a complete revolution. Here you will get to know all about the Hand block printing and dying technique in India.

 What is hand block printing?

Hand block printing is one technique that includes carving a required pattern or design on a wooden block. The wooden block is dipped or covered with ink or dye and then stamping on the fabric. Blocks are also made of stones, but for a great result, wooden blocks are preferred more.

The elaborate design you see on a piece of fabric is not painted but carved with a wooden block. And, this gives an interesting look to a simple fabric by just adding flowers, animals, and various other abstracts. If we talk about some of the facts then Rajasthan is the home of block printing from ancient times. Industries like fashion, interior, and textiles using hand block printing to make their product best as per the design, pattern, and texture. Because of the use of natural color in hand block printing the demand is always high.

hand block prints process

Fabrics like linen, cotton, or silk are being used for woodblock printing to give beautiful patterns. It takes a lot of hard work of an artisan to go with the slowest process of printing.

This dedication to coloring makes, it worth buying a hand block printed designed fabric whether saree or suit. It is a high-quality artistic result that can only be done by experts. In earlier times, hand block printing was only a traditional art or motif form. Now you can see it on fabrics. Rajasthan is a place where you can see tons of art form and origin for hand block printing. These printing techniques are used in both fashion and interior industries. Real hand block printing needs art and training in order to produce, concord, and bright designs.

 What woodblocks are made of?

The woodblocks which are used for hand printing is made of sycamore, plane, and pear wood. As per the designs to be printed on fabric the blocks may be used in different shapes and sizes that should be at least two to three inches thick for precise use. Whereas, the side edges of the wood is not carved. It is very difficult to cut fine particles in wood and if cut they can break off while printing.

For different colors, artisans use a separate wooden block, so that it won't get mixed up. Also, the exact design is required to be ready before applying. Therefore, you can start off printing the fabric once the design part is done. Block printing designs are so beautiful and charming to carry off. These prints add up grace to the fabric and the person who wears it. Designs like Phulkari, hand block printing are inspired by the age-old form of art. Some of the components like Buti, Jhal, Bhel, and Buta add small patterns in block print. Hand block printing techniques actually give an ornamental effect on the fabric.

 Types of hand block printing

As you already know India has is the centre for hand block printing from ancient times. There are states which are particularly famous for different hand block printing such as Rajasthan (Bagru), Gujarat (Surat, Ahmedabad, Sanganer, and Pethapur), Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh (Farukhabad), and West Bengal. Bagru, Shibori, Ajarakh, Dabu, Chanderi, Batik, Leheriya, Bandhani, Sanganeri, Kalamkari, Bagh, Gold, and Silver Dust are some of the attractive prints you can see. If you are looking for some ethnic clothes for multiple occasions crafts moda will provide the right one.

Type of hand block prints process

Sanganeri and Bagru prints are the two most famous types in the state of Rajasthan and Gujarat. They more likely are same but the difference in the color of the background. The color of the Bagru print is black and red whereas the Sanganeri print is done on white background. Block printing also differs on the basis of location or territory such as the Western part of India look for fine prints, and the Eastern part encourages bolder and bigger prints. Along with these Lepakshi and Ajarakh prints are also examples of block printing.

 Final words, you must have got a great glimpse of the hand block printing process and its types. These handicrafts' hand block printing needs to be preserved and encouraged. If you want to add a glamorous but authentic and enriched look to your personality.

These awesome varieties of hand block prints fabric clothing are just the right choice for you. You can buy by visiting the store so that you can feel the fabric. But as you know safety is a great concern these due to the pandemic these days.

Online ordering your favorite

  • Bagru hand block prints
  • Ajrakh hand block prints
  • Chanderi, hand block prints
  • Shibori hand block prints
  • Sanganeri hand block prints
  • Dabu hand block prints

and others would be the correct way as per the condition. And, the best thing you will get it done without human contact. The delivery will be completely safe with high-quality products.



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