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Hand Block Bagru Print: The Ethnic Arena of New Age Fashion and Trend

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 As you know Rajasthan is such a heritage and amalgamation of royal culture, and tradition. This is the one-stop destination where people from across the globe visit every year. Hence, its innovative printing techniques are also famous like Bagru. There are two categories of print artisans practice in these regions are Dabru and Seyali Bagru. The Seyali Bagru is identified by black, and yellow ochre/cream color combinations. Here at crafts moda, you can get a variety of suits and sarees designed with bagru print technique which you can wear on any occasion. 

What is Bagru Print?

Bagru is a small village located near Jaipur, Rajasthan which is famous for Bagru handblock printing on fabrics. Bagru print named after the village name Bagru. In a remote town of Rajasthan, this technique is practiced by the Chippas community.

Bagru print is a traditional technique of dying fabrics with natural colors and in different patterns and textures. Generally, bagru printing is done on a blue or indigo background. Through the original method, the process of printing starts with preparing the cloth to finished printed fabrics.

The motifs on wooden blocks are imprints on a light-colored background following direct and resist styles. People love these forms of art and being encouraged by them to produce more. Initially, bagru prints were more floral and vegetative and gradually turned into geometrical motifs.

How the process is done?

The bagru printing technique or process is quite unique and fresh. The print is done with a wooden hand block is in small squares with the holding space in the corner or sides. There is one smooth and one squeezing surface give on the block. Artisans fill color in the carved area and then press against the fabric with which the desired outlines engrave successfully. And, according to the requirement of making sarees, blanket, suit, dupatta the fabric pieces are being cut and go for the final shaping. This is how you see some desired designs on the fabric due to bagru print saree India.

At the point, the two crease procedure of coloring starts on the prewashed and doused texture for a few hours. These help to separate soil, oil, and other contaminants from the fabric. To give color and texture to the fabric, the fuller's earth is taken from the riverside and then poured in turmeric water. Fuller's earth helps to washes away creamish shading from the texture. To give a yellowish cream tone the myrobalan plant is dried in the sun. All these steps are involved to make a printing neat and successful.

The natural coloring process is the main attraction

The colors are natural because they are extracted from different plants and creatures. Though, a major collection of colors are from plants only. We can say, bagru print saree is an eco-friendly process in many ways. Like, the color blue is extracted from indigo according to the needed shade and tone. Whereas, green color is extracted when indigo blended with pomegranate and red color comes out of Madder root and ultimately yellow color is fetched out turmeric. Now, you can even feel, smell, and taste the color.

This is how the coloring process is so pure and cruelty-free. After the surface is totally square printed it is dried and later put in tanks of percolating water containing alum and various pros. The combination with the surface in it is constantly blended to deflect sticking to any section of the vessel. The strategy is done with the surface being washed again to oust wealth concealing and some other staying debasements.

Where can you see bagru prints?

Well, there are ample of products you can see bagru print in different patterns and textures. Here we have saree, suit, dupatta, bedsheet, and many other products. The fabric or material can be crepe, georgette, chiffon, silk, cotton. Also, you can see handblock wooden bagru prints on cotton saree with zari border especially in the south zone. If you like these ethnic sarees with bagru prints you can easily buy handblock bagru print sarees from craftmoda sitting home only, and it will arrive straight to your home. There are surplus varieties in terms of color, pattern, texture, fabric, design, and more. These days fashion has gone too far and these traditional method printing is emerging with the royal feel and accomplishments. These patterns of clothing are well suited for so many occasions.

Final words, now you know why handblock bagru print saree is important and famous not only in India but worldwide.

Women love wearing saree on traditional and special occasions. The authenticity, the natural process of dying or coloring beautiful patterns, and textures are the crucial factors behind its popularity. As well as the hard-working and creative artisans contribute maximum to make rich and royal. Today the entire world is focusing on ongoing natural and eco-friendly and at the same time, bagru printing is encouraging environment-friendly schemes by producing more and more for the people out there.

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