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Learn to Make Your Wardrobe Environment Friendly!

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We all are aware of the current situation of pandemic and how it is affecting our livelihood emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially. Apart from it, global warming, and has been a great concern for past years. How it's slowly heating up the earth and trapping the greenhouse gas level in the atmosphere. Well, to save our earth everybody needs to contribute to sustainable development. Are you the one who really feels to be an environmentally friendly person? We at Crafts Moda support ecosystem and sustainability by producing eco-friendly fabrics. This contribution can definitely make some changes we believe. You can be part of wearing these cruelty-free fabrics.


How to make your wardrobe eco-friendly?


How to make your wardrobe eco-friendly?

Wear eco-friendly fabric clothes: Always remember to choose clothes that are produced with eco-friendly materials instead of ruining the greenery. If you really want to spread peace and a pollution-free environment then wearing the right fabric's attire is very important. You yourself will feel proud and happy by wearing these from within.

Choose a soothing coloring to wear: When somebody wears bright colors it strongly pricks to the eyes, especially in day times. It’s actually breathy and comfortable at the same time. Even the people who see you will also feel easy and relaxing. You can work on choosing light shade colors like white, off-white, baby pink, and similar color categories. Also, you mix it up with other contrast colors to look fashionable and stylish. Wearing only dark shade can be disastrous for fashion.

Get in touch with your brand: It’s your responsibility to be informed at the right place, and at the right time. Whichever brand clothes you wear make sure they are using the right and nature-friendly raw materials. Brands that are using eco-friendly raw materials at the time of manufacturing fabrics and clothes are properly supporting sustainability. Also, as a responsible citizen, you must ask your brands what they are using. It can also encourage them to support a green environment.

Choose to buy local than imported one: One of the great ways of encouraging sustainable development is to use local manufacturing clothes rather than foreign brands. If you buy locally manufactured clothes it will automatically help our country to grow economically and become strong. The artisans do the real hard work by carving designs on fabrics manually. There are no machines and other technologies used. They use wooden blocks to imprint motifs and designs on different types of fabrics. Your contribution to buying local clothes can indirectly support those artisans.

Wear cotton fabric than other uncomfortable fabrics: Cotton fabric is the most preferred and famous fabric among people because of its comfort and ease to wear property. These are the lightest weights and breathable fabrics that help to soak sweat and make you feel chill, and relief. Therefore, most of the people choose to wear cotton for almost all occasion. Here at crafts moda, you can get to wear Kurtis, Sarees, Scarfs, and Dupatta in cotton fabric with a different color; pattern, texture, and design for all age groups. You can wear these comfy clothes on several occasions like Puja ceremony, Roka ceremony, National days, casual hangout, and an office. They can give a real elegant feel with a smart look.


Take proper care of your clothes: One of the important things that you need to keep in mind is to take proper care of your clothes. This will help in maintaining the fabric fresh and for a longer time without any damage to the fibers. Remember not to wash your clothes frequently instead take a proper gap between washing. Also, use the best quality detergent or fabric conditioner to keep it fresh and smell good. Read terms and conditions before washing know which one is for machine wash and which one for bucket wash. Dry your clothes in shade, it will help retain the real color of the fabric for a longer time. Exposure to sunlight is equally important as it removes the bacteria from the clothes.


Repeat when needed: Repeating clothes is never out of fashion and out of trend. You can repeat your cloth whenever you feel it can be used. As well as you can team it up with other pieces of clothes to make a new style statement. It can give you the confidence to create your own fashion and status and make other people follow you. All you need to take inspiration from different sources or your own style icon. In this way, you make yourself is able to use old clothes, and that too in different ways.

Always pick the authentic piece: Whenever you shop for apparel make sure you are selecting the authentic one, not just any normal quality. Always go for quality, not quantity because quality stays better than quantity. If you buy lots of outfits of poor quality it will affect your confidence whereas, using the high quality but few pieces can make you more empowered. Imagine by doing all these practices you are saving our earth by the impurities without harming yourself. Therefore, if you are likely to support sustainability get ready and buckle up right away.

Donate your clothes if not in use: We all know how poverty has taken its place in our country. You can be a reason for reducing gaps between poverty and rich people. Donate your clothes if done with them. Your one used or old cloth can bring a smile on some of the unprivileged faces.

We have a habit of making collection by putting in more and more clothes in our wardrobe. And, lately, all these clothes become useless for you. Instead, of dumping donate them to those who really need it. You can also contact some of the NGOs who can help in this great cause. 

Final Words, now you know how you are going to support sustainability and help to make our environment greener. Keep these above suggestions in mind and grow accordingly. This is how you can contribute your part to make the atmosphere pollution-free and healthy. Wear what suits you and compliment the climate. If you want to have clothes that don't disturb the environment, get it here at Crafts moda. 

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