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Top Chanderi Silk Saree Trends For The Season

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Chanderi sarees are particularly popular among saree wearers due to their unparalleled refinement, sheer texture, and intricate designs.

The lightweight, clear texture, and rich feel of Chanderi, a traditional ethnic cloth, are well recognized. Pure silk, Chanderi cotton, and Silk cotton are the three types of textiles produced by Chanderi.

History of Chanderi Silk and Why is it So Popular? 

Chanderi fabric is named after the little village of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh where it is produced. 

According to folklore, Chanderi's woven tales date back to the 7th century B.C., when it was woven with handspun cotton to make turbans for Maratha emperors. It was also a favoured fabric of ancient rulers, and Maharanis and Chanderi sarees were regarded as royal symbols. Nonetheless, there are clues that lead us to assume that it was created in the Vedic era by Lord Krishna's Cousin, Shishupal.

Majorly for three reasons chanderi silk sarees are so famous and popular among Indian people, they are;

  • Royal Zari Border: Chanderi sarees are adorned with a gold zari border, which adds to their allure. The embellishments certainly contribute to the grandeur of these Chanderi sarees. The eternal beauty of Zari borders has made these saris popular among royalty. Check out any pretty blue aesthetic saree for yourself from our collection!
  • Glossy texture: The glossy shine and clarity of this fabric will have you salivating over it. Because of its glittering texture, Chanderi cotton or Chanderi Silk fabric will stand out above all other materials. An edgy green saree with all cool & natural vibes should be the next addition to your wardrobe!
  • A cultural touch: Chanderi cloth weaving has been done for generations, bringing us closer to our traditional history. All our sarees are handblock printed with authentic techniques, check out our black paisley printed beauty on our website, for instance!

3 Types of Chanderi Sarees for every season 

With the season in full flow, it is essential to dress to impress. Chanderi sarees are appropriate for every occasion, whether it is a wedding or a celebratory event. Chanderi sarees are both comfortable and elegant, making them ideal for a full day of events.

1. Chanderi Cotton Silk Sarees 

A chanderi cotton silk saree is a silk and cotton combination. These sarees combine the softness of cotton with the luster of silk. These sarees are perfect for summer celebrations and pujas.

2. Chanderi Silk Sarees 

The Chanderi silk sarees' motifs are hand woven by expert craftsmen. The basis of chanderi silk fabric is irregular. It is available in muted and gentler tones. This is a beautiful finishing touch for the Chanderi silk sarees.

3. Cotton Chanderi Sarees

Chanderi cotton sarees are incredibly lightweight, inexpensive, and ideal for casual use. The woven motifs, zari, complicated patterns, and geometric forms in the saree palette are a chaotic mix. These sarees are ideal for the summer. The saree's light cotton fabric does not stick to your body and keeps you cool and comfortable all day.

Styling Tips & Ideas to Get Creative With Your Chanderi Silk Sarees 

Chanderi silk sarees can be worn in a variety of ways. It is entirely up to you how you want to design the appearance. Although Chanderi sarees are traditional, you may add some modern fusion to make your outfit stand out. Customized jewelry can assist you in achieving the desired appearance. Here are a few methods to wear a Chanderi saree to perfection.

1. The traditional method with the front pallu

Chanderi sarees are all about the zari work, which ladies love to show off. To achieve a traditional event appearance, drape the saree with the pallu in front and pin the border to your shirt. Recall that this style is both exquisite and perilous since the other end of the pallu is loose and must be locked through your fingers. Ladies with a tall and narrow structure, in my opinion, should choose this styling since they can pull it off nicely with their body type.

2. Turn your pallu and secure it.

This approach is another way to show off your pallu with beautiful zari work. Lock the upper pallu first, then just grip the bottom end of your pallu, flip, and lock. This will bring both ends together, giving you a more elegant appearance. Be sure to accessorize with heavy jewelry in this style.

3. Put it on in a pant-like pattern.

This is known as the Marathi way of wearing a saree. You may also declare it to be a dhoti saree. If worn in pant style, a Chanderi silk saree would glisten with an incredible, breathtaking, striking look that you could only dream of.

4. Wear a belt or an accessory.

To enhance your style, add an accessory such as kamarbandhan or a belt at your waist to your saree. This adds a touch of current flair to your traditional Chanderi Saree. Additionally, make sure you select the colour of the jewelry to complement your saree rather than anything in opposition.

To wear a Chanderi silk saree correctly, the first attempt to understand your body pattern, from which you may select any of the styles stated above.


Chanderi is a one-of-a-kind fabric that drew our notice due to its beauty and transparency. Traditional chanderi silk sarees are worn by a lot of well-known personalities and celebrities around the country because they are gorgeous and comfy. Crafts Moda is committed to providing you with authentic Chanderi sarees with amazing designs all under one roof. 

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