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Find Out the Best Summer Fabrics for Your Kurtis

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I am sure that the burning heat of this summer has made all ladies urgently look for outfits that can keep you cool and comfortable. Many of the ladies should be facing a challenge – whether to go for something fashionable and stylish or to look for something comfortable outfit. But, do the ladies have to choose between fashion and comfort? Can’t they have both at the same time?

Most of the ladies struggle to decide what to wear in the blasting heat of summer. As you know, when it comes to comfort in summer, nothing can be better than Kurtis and kurtas. But if you are not aware, you may end up with an outfit that can worsen the situation.

So, always choose the best fabric during summers for better comfort and style.

As you already know, cotton fabric is great for the summer season as it absorbs sweat faster, but there are many rumors about fabrics. Now, we will enlighten you about the advantages of some fabrics and how they protect us from the blasting sunlight.

Cotton Kurtis

Cotton will always be on the top of the list when it comes to choosing the best fabric for summertime.
We at Crafts Moda, always find an increase in the sale of Kurtis and kurtas from April to June.

Here are some of the reasons to wear cotton fabric during the summers:
• Cotton removes all the moisture from your body and keeps it sweat-free, and it works like a towel. Cotton prevents sweat from sticking to your skin and keeps it clean.
• Cotton works as an insulator during the summers. The biggest reason to wear cotton Kurtis in summers is the thermal insulation.
• You feel comfortable in cotton clothes even when you are doing any kind of physical activity, as they have a thermal insulation feature. Another reason for wearing cotton clothes is that they are soft and easily stretchable.
• Cotton reduces the risk of developing rashes and skin allergies as it prevents the cloths from sticking to your body.

You can buy Stylish and comfortable Kurtis and kurtas from the exclusive collection of Crafts Moda.

Rayon Kurtis

Rayon is a man-made fabric that is made of cotton, wood pulp, and other synthetic or natural fibers. It is a cheaper alternative to silk which is also a great summer fabric. Rayon is comfortable and cool to wear, especially for sportswear and summer dresses. Rayon is a thin fabric and the rayon Kurtis gives a comfortable feeling. Rayon is not as good as cotton but rayon is very light weighted. It restricts the clothes from sticking to the body.

Silk Kurtis

Silk is a popular fabric to wear in the summer days due to its weightlessness. Silk Kurtis provides you full comfort and keeps your body sweat-free. Silk absorbs sweat and keeps your body clean and dry. Silk Kurtis are best for summer due to their lightweight and you should try some of the best silk Kurtis by Crafts Moda.


You should always pick a fabric depending on how your body responds to the heat of summers. If you sweat a lot, then you should go for outfits made of natural fabrics like cotton and linen. You can also go for rayon, as it is very thin and that’s its biggest advantage.

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